Happy Birthday, Anne

This post by Katie Adams, museum volunteer

I remember the first time I heard of Anne Frank. I was in seventh grade, and we were required to read her diary as part of our study on the Holocaust. My introduction was of the commonest variety–school children around the world read her diary, many when they are around 12-13 years old. I’m certain that this has to do with making the events and victims of the Holocaust real and relatable, and in my case, this goal was achieved. I was never the same after meeting Anne, or learning about the millions of lives lost in the Holocaust.

After learning about Anne’s life and times, I felt the need to be a better, kinder person, to know what was happening in the world around me, and to be prepared to stand up against injustice whenever I could. I took to heart Anne’s feelings that people were mostly good, and have done my best to believe so in a world that would tell me otherwise.

When I heard that we would be collecting copies of Anne’s diary to help schools in need share Anne’s story and legacy, I was beyond thrilled. How many lives could be positively impacted because of Anne’s words? How many students would have an opportunity to learn from Anne, and to learn to love her? Today, as we celebrate her birthday, I am excited and encouraged by the thought that at this time next year, a whole new group of students will have met Anne for the very first time, and that our museum will have played a role, thanks to the countless visitors and friends who care enough about making the world a better place to donate a copy of Anne’s diary.

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