Hope for Humanity 2011

Currently, the Museum office is busy getting everything in place for our Hope for Humanity Dinner. Hope for Humanity (HfH) is the way that we honor our local Holocaust survivors and award the Hope for Humanity award to a member of the community who exemplifies the Museum’s mission. That community member this year is Frank Risch, a long-time DHM board member and advocate. Frank will be presented the award at the dinner, where we will also present a special performance of “Stoop Stories,” a moving series of stories about overcoming hardships.

There is so much to do when a big event is in the works…especially when there are school groups visiting, tours going on, as well as all of the other things that usually take place! HfH is a big deal, with all sorts of DHM supporters signing up for tables, sponsorships, tickets, and of course, our raffle. As more and more steps begin to fall into place, it is exciting to see the way that everything comes together! When October 25 finally arrives, the whole Museum family will be able to sit back and relax, while enjoying the fruits of our labor.