Close Up: The Color of Memory

Death Walk, by Julie Meetal

Exhibit: The Color of Memory

Artists: Veronique Jonas and Julie Meetal

About the Exhibit: The Color of Memory presents the multi-media work of Julie Meetal and Veronique Jonas. Their art embodies the searing effect of the Holocaust on their families and on the Jews of Europe at the hands of the German Third Reich from 1939-1945.

Question to Consider: The artists offer this question to those who see their work: “Do you think there can be beauty in horror, and horror in beauty?”

What Others are Saying:

  •  “Stunning artwork and notations” — Jane P.
  •  “Very moving…the paintings bring such emotion” — Carol C.
  •  “Thank you for telling a story-not just in words-but in pictures and illustrations. Sheer emotion conveyed by the subconscious mind! That made it beautiful.”– Susan B.